Double Standards by The West to Stop Now!

Double standards by the West must stop, or the Third World War will start soon.

From Kosovo to the Middle East, Ukraine to Taiwan, double standards by the West create conflicts and human tragedies. Satanistic Anglophone Hegemon and the rest of the West are getting entangled in their lies. Instead of correcting their beliefs in their exceptionalism, they go from one conflict and tragedy to another. They are mistaken if they believe it will help them to maintain their hegemony.

One week ago, the world was “surprised” by the escalation of violence in the Middle East. It was shocked by the brutal death of hundreds of innocent civilians on Israeli territory. The myth of the invincibility of Israeli services and their untouchability was exposed, and decades of repression against the Palestinian population erupted in a violent uprisal. Reporting double standards was thrown into our eyes.

War crimes, serious violations of humanitarian law, emotional reaction, and the desire to avenge by the Israeli leadership and population were presented as “understandable”. Once again, intruders had the “right to defend” themselves in a good Anglophone Hegemon tradition. Do you remember the Hollywood presentation of American history? Settlers created settlements and stole land; the rightful owners were all evil people trying to hurt them. That justified any crimes against them. Do you know where remnants of the native Americans live now? In reservates. Just as Palestinians in Gaza.

Expect another wave of the Hollywood style “history”. If you remember, all terrorists in the 1970s were Arabs, then it was followed by bad guys speaking with a Russian accent. The 1990s certainly belonged to terrorists who were Serbs and so on.

Double standards and injustice must stop now!

There should be no room for impunity in this tragedy, where many human lives are lost. Every human life is precious and irreplaceable. Double standards are unacceptable. Priority should not be revenge but de-escalation and preserving human lives. Regular military operations must be conducted per the rules of war by every side of the conflict. The fact that the Israeli Defence Force is a regular army does not mean that their operations cannot be treated as acts of terrorism. Double standards are one of the causes of this conflict and must be stopped now.

Nothing can justify the violence and heinous crimes against civilians we saw in the previous days. Israel, with the biased strong support of the United States, has for almost six decades not only ignored but also directly violated the valid resolutions of SBUN 242 and 338 and the resulting international agreements, and above all, the Oslo Agreement of 1993 and 1995. Instead of implementing the agreement, Israel made the largest concentration camp in the world from Gaza. It intensified the military occupation of the West Bank, which, according to the agreement, belonged to the Palestinians, carrying out repression and apartheid against the Palestinian population.

The unsustainability of this situation is best illustrated by the number of Palestinian children killed by Israeli security forces in the occupied West Bank. In 2023 alone, the Israeli security services killed 48 children aged two to sixteen. This is the deadliest year in this regard in the last few decades, with at least one child killed every week! 

Since 2000, 2,300 Palestinian children have been killed! No one has been held responsible for any of these murders!

Anglophone Hegemon Satanist Exceptionalists and European Nazis are prepared to sacrifice millions of human lives to maintain their hegemony

There has been much speculation about how it was possible that preparations for such an operation could go unnoticed by intelligence services with a reputation as the Mossad, the CIA, and the MI6. Some even claimed that the services had some intelligence information but that a decision was made consciously not to react due to higher geopolitical interests.

The collective West hastened to accuse Iran and its interest in ending diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. But it is neglected that American administration, too, is a benefit because this conflict diverts attention from the now-visible fiasco in Ukraine and wasted tens of billions of dollars in American taxpayers, who, for the most part, ended up in the private pockets of people close to the government USA and Ukraine.

Do you really believe that Hamas could import so many arms (from Ukraine, among other sources) unnoticed? Just think about their ability to produce (apparently underground) all those rockets unnoticed in an area of around four hundred square kilometres without Shin Bet knowing it. And yes, Shin Bet rather than Mossad is responsible for Gaza.

In addition to the conflict in Ukraine and the worrying escalation in the Middle East, there is an apparent wave of destabilisation of more frozen conflicts worldwide. One can place a two-year repression against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija conducted by Albin Kurti in that context.

Frozen Conflicts – Tool of control by the West

Frozen conflicts are always reactivated by external powers rather than locals involved. The best example is the German pressure against „Open Balkan” and insisting on the Berlin process. Let’s look at the destabilising role of the Schmitt in BiH (Bosna & Hercegovina). Or an attempt at an extra-legal revision of the Dayton Agreement in BiH.

Also, an attempt to deride the Brussels agreement and obligations arising from it by insisting on the German-French proposal as the essential framework for continuing the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. In the meantime, Pristina paramilitary and paramilitary formations are unceasingly armed, contrary to all binding international legal documents defining how the Kosovo problem should be solved. Unfortunately, all this leaves little doubt about what has been talked about for a long time. The West, most notably Germany, are part of the problems in the Western Balkans, not part of the solution.

The Anglophone Hegemon and European Nazis must understand that justice is more precious than peace. Palestinian uprising in Gaza is just the last example proving that. Anglophone Hegemon should know that their “golden billion” has much more to lose than anyone else in case of global war. I know Satanists from Anglophone hegemon don’t care about their population. However, they should understand that Monte Carlo, Aspen and other places where they enjoy their lives today will not survive nuclear winter.


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