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The struggle for justice is gaining momentum. Anglo-Zionist hegemon and the Nazi Satanists of Europe are determined to maintain their hegemony over the rest of the world. They are spreading chaos, conflicts and human disasters to keep exploiting others. The continuous struggle for justice can stop that. Forgetting is a crime. Forgiving is extending terror against humanity. This Diary is about not forgetting.

Attacking American military base in Malatya – Türkiye

The Turks are trying to break into the American military base in Malatya. The police are obstructing.
The attacks on American targets are not accidental. In the eyes of ordinary Arabs, the United States is a direct accomplice in the genocide of the Palestinians.

Turkish protesters in front of the US military base – Malatya

The government of Türkiye will have to respond to the demand by the people to stop genocide in Palestine. Türkiye, as a member of the Anglo-Zionist organisation NATO, will have to decide where it sees itself in the international struggle for justice and peace.

Israeli Consulate General in Istanbul under siege by protestors – Struggle for Justice by ordinary people

Protesters in front of Israeli Consulate General in Istanbul

Terror by Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and NAZI Satanists of Europe is reaching unprecedented levels, and ordinary people are responding. Governments of the Global South and countries not infected by Satanist ideologies must understand that silence is not the solution any more. Silence is just encouraging new crimes by the hegemon.

Pushback that started in February 2022 has caused panic in Western centres of power used to force their views on the rest of the world. Pushback is gaining momentum and is accelerating due to the latest crimes against humanity, justice and peace.

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I will do my best to post news from the daily struggle for justice once a day. Because Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and NAZI Satanists of Europe control all news media with a global reach, everyone must contribute to the battle against their control of information.

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