Struggle against Anglo-Zion Hegemon 0002

The struggle for justice today is against Anglo-Zion Hegemon and European NAZI Satanists.

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon isolated but continues spreading lies

The Anglo-Zion and European NAZI Satanist leader planned to meet several Arab leaders during his visit to the Middle East. However, even the most corrupt Arab leaders could not swallow the lie about the “explosion” in a hospital in Gaza. Needless to say, Western propaganda pretending to be the “news” media continues the cover-up of this war crime. What exploded in the hospital, Mr Biden? A gas bottle?

Every struggle for Justice starts with personal courage

Will Erdogan take Turkey out of NATO NAZI Satanists alliance?

Erdogan declared three days of national mourning for those killed in Gaza.

Earlier, the Iraqi authorities announced the same three-day mourning for the victims of the bombed hospital in Gaza.

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