Tonino Picula is Euro-Nazi Satanist

Tonino Picula is a Croatian politician currently serving his third term as a Member of the European Parliament

In 2019, Tonino Picula was named Co-Rapporteur for IPA III Financial Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and Standing Rapporteur on Montenegro. As of January 2020, he is also the Chairman of the Working Group for the Western Balkans, one of the five AFET working groups.

In the current 9th parliamentary term, he was a substitute member in the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE) in the first half of the term and a full member of the then newly founded Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation, and the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (PA).

If you want to know the activities and job description(s) of a Euro-Nazi Satanist Bureaucrat, look no further. Tonino Picula is more just than the typical one. He is qualified to be regarded as a storm-trooper of Euro-Nazism. Do citizens of the EU know how many of these “represent” them and how much are these people paid to spread hatred and lies? I guess they don’t care. After all, citizens of the EU enjoyed products of some of the “European values” (genocides, exploitation and plundering) for decades. The victims are somewhere else, and corrupt media will hide them anyway.

Picula: SPC is used as a means of interfering in political processes in Montenegro

For those who don’t know – SPC stands for Serbian Orthodox Church.

We propose that the census should not be used as another political tool to further polarize society. Removing political blockades would be a constructive precondition for maintaining it openly and transparently without political interference.

Tonino Picula

The Serbian Orthodox Church is, unfortunately, an active political factor in Montenegro and is often used as a means of external interference in domestic political processes- according to the report on Montenegro’s progress for 2022, authored by Croatian MEP Tonino Picula, which was adopted today in the European Parliament.

The last census in Montenegro was conducted in 2011. It was under tremendous pressure by the Democratic Party of Socialists led by Milo Djukanovic. Milo Djukanovic is Montenegro’s founder and leader, which he turned into a mafia state during three decades of his rule.

Democratic Party of Socialists calling for the boycott of the incoming Census in Montenegro

Anyone who declared his nationality as “Serb” in Montenegro was exposed to unprecedented pressure and discrimination. Serbs in Montenegro were expelled from all important posts in defence, health system and particularly in education. The main “problem” with this is that Serbs are far from being a minority in Montenegro. However, Montenegrin authorities even attempted to replace Serbian with their lingual gymnastics and Montenegrin language. Neither Montenegrin nor Bosnian languages ever existed before the forceful destruction of Yugoslavia.

Tonino Picula is openly calling for cultural genocide against Serbian people – as he did call for genocide against Russians in Kiev 2014

During almost five centuries of Ottoman rule, the Serbian Orthodox Church protected the Serbian language, tradition and religious fate. It is seen as the pillar of the Serbian nation. Euro-Nazi Satanists have done everything to destroy Serbs as a nation. Serbian language is under attack in Bosna and Hercegovina, and Montenegro. Montenegrin authorities even went one step further and invented the Montenegrin Orthodox Church. Let’s not forget it is exactly what Croatian Nazi Regime tried to do in 1941. Tonino Picula is just a continuation of the Croatian genocide against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies by the Nazi Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945).

Tonino Picula and his activities are another proof of continuous genocidal policies by Anglo-Zion Hegemon and European NAZI Satanists against Slavic Eastern Orthodox people. These policies go more than a century (if not even longer) back in time. What is the better place for that than European Parliament.

There is good news, however. The Fourth Reich (NATO/EU) will be sent to the dustbin of history just as what happened with the Fourth Reich. It is already happening, and the world is watching it with excitement.

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