Putin’s Choice – No to Anglo-Zion Hegemon

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a staggering statement for Israel about the need to create an independent Palestinian state

Russian President Vladimir Putin made this statement before the genocidal Anglo-Zion hegemon intentionally bombed the hospital in the Gaza Strip, murdering hundreds of innocent civilians.

Every day, the confrontation between Israel and Palestine after the aggravation of the long-standing conflict on October 7 is only gaining momentum. The report to the victims goes to thousands. Most of them are civilians: women and children. On Saturday, several videos appeared of the Israeli army bombing a column of Palestinian refugees. And this is after the IDF gave them 24 hours to move from north to south of the Gaza Strip. At least 70 people died, about 200 more were injured.

Putin support protection of Palestinian civilians

Speaking about the causes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Russian president bluntly stated that what happened was a “large-scale tragedy, which the Israelis and Palestinians are currently experiencing – was a direct result of the failed US policy in the Middle East”.

With the support of European satellites, the Americans tried to monopolise the Middle East settlement but were not preoccupied with finding compromises acceptable to both sides. Putin drew attention. “And they certainly never took into account the fundamental interests of the Palestinian people.”. For many years, the one-sided line of Americans has made the situation standstill. The Middle East Quartet of International Mediators was not used. Under far-fetched pretexts, the United States blocked this format, which was unique and, incidentally, had a mandate approved by the relevant UN resolution.

Vladimir Vladimirovich

Putin emphasised that “the use of heavy equipment in residential areas is a complex matter fraught with serious consequences for all parties”: “And without equipment in residential buildings, conducting these operations is even more difficult. But the most important thing is that losses among civilians will be unacceptable. Almost 2 million people live there”.

First, Russia strongly condemns the potential ground-based IDF military operation against the Gaza Strip, as well as the indiscriminate bombing of residential areas. Thousands of people have already become victims of air strikes by the Israeli army in dense residential development – the number of victims continues to multiply every hour. Secondly, Israel, no matter how much it refers to Hamas attacks and the right to self-defence, should not evade the direct answer to the question: where is the complete, sovereign, independent Palestinian state?

Vladimir Vladimirovich

I live in one of the “five eyes” – the group of countries standing for freedom of the press, among other “freedoms”. However, all links to the official Russian government sites are blocked. The only sources I could find have published only parts of the interview.

More about the struggle against Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and Euro-Nazi-Satanists could be found here.

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