Putin replies to a demented, walking-dead

Putin, after Biden’s words, called on the US to learn to respect the interests of other countries

Vladimir Putin replied to the statement by Joe Biden regarding suppressing him. We must learn to respect others. Then, no one will have to be suppressed.

Imagine what happens if we combine the whole of Europe and finally suppress Putin so much that he can no longer cause the problems he causes.

Demented walking corpse – the leader of the “free world” – John Biden

Vladimir Putin, commenting on the statement by US President Joe Biden about the desire to “suppress” him, recalled in an interview on the TV channel “Russia 24” about a famous saying.

We have a famous saying in Russia: Live the age or — Learn the age. This applies not only to President Biden but to the political elites of the United States. We must learn to respect others, and then no one will have to be suppressed

Vladimir Putin
Leopold II of Belgium

Vladimir Vladimirovich also highlighted an arrogant desire by the officials from Anglo-Zionists and their subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists to lecture others. Countries that depopulated continents (North America, South America and Australia) by genocide love lecturing others about human rights. Leading among them is the Kingdom of Genocides (parading as the UK) as well as other European kingdoms such as Spain, Belgium, Netherlands… Not to be forgotten those who became republics but were part of genocides in Africa, such as France and Portugal. This paragraph could also answer your questions regarding “European values”.

President Putin also expressed the view that Biden’s words do not apply to him personally but to the interests of Russia as a whole. He emphasized that it is impossible to suppress them, and they will have to be considered. I am sure that, out of politeness, Vladimir Putin avoided highlighting the racist background to that sort of communication with other world leaders and their countries. However, I have no obligations of that sort.

Is it just dementia?

One does not have to be a specialised medical practitioner to diagnose the current president of the Caliphate of Chaos parading as the US.

However, one should understand that Biden is not expressing his views on others because he has dementia. If anything, dementia’s role in this case is to affect his ability to hide his true feelings and thoughts. Joe Biden, just like all other animals in the Zoo made of Anglo-Zionists and their subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists, is a true believer in their racial superiority and exceptionalism. It is time to show them how wrong they are.

Note: In my opinion: Allowing people with serious illnesses to be embarrassed publicly is criminally inhumane. Joe Biden is just another US president who is a war criminal. However, he is still (somehow) a human being. Who is continuously pushing him to embarrass himself and his country? Why?

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