China’s Infrastructure of a New World

One hundred fifty countries and thirty international organisations participated in the Chinese project “One Belt, One Road.”

One hundred fifty countries and thirty international organisations participated in the Chinese project’s Forum, marking the tenth anniversary of the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative (BRI)

There are two reasons for the success of this project.

First, the fact that the old world is leaving and why it goes – is clear to everyone.

The second reason for the success of this initiative is that it works. It has been working for ten years. The fact is that no one is forbidden to put forward beautiful ideas about what new world we need. Statesmen, publicists, poets, and even astrologers can participate in this. However, it is much more than just ideas. It is ten years of experience. Regardless of what propaganda spins by the Western media, almost all of that experience is very positive. That is why so many countries and organisations went to China.

A recent publication is worthy of becoming a world bestseller. This is the White Paper of the State Council entitled “The Belt and Path Initiative: a key bearing structure of the global community of a common destiny”. And the most exciting thing about it is FACTS about what has already been achieved over the past ten years.

It began a decade ago with a simple idea. It was necessary to develop trade infrastructure: railways, transhipment bases and warehouses, and port hubs. China was on the eve of becoming the world’s biggest trading power. However, the infrastructure of world trade flows was built between the West and its periphery. The existing infrastructure was built to serve the interests of the West. China was increasingly focused on other trade flows. It wanted to connect with countries now called the Global South.

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates from Euro-Nazi-Satanists doing everything to maintain their grip on exploiting the Global South

Thanks to the reconstruction organized by China, Port Piraeus in Greece is a leader in container shipping. It was effectively bankrupt before China took over. Greece was forced to sell it by French and German creditors. However, nobody from the EU was willing to offer a fair price for it. Not to mention that nobody from the EU wanted to invest in its recovery. We can talk about success stories in Croatia, Hungary and Serbia.

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon from the other side of the Atlantic was not happy about Chinese success on European ground. Corrupt bureaucrats from Brussels are used to create obstacles to further Chinese investment on the European continent. Euro-Nazi-Satanists are in the governments of most European countries. They proved to be prepared to take any steps to please their masters from London and Washington, including destroying their economies.

Last year, China’s trade with project partners grew to $ 2.9 trillion. It grows by an average of 6.4% per year. That is slowly overtaking previous trade with the West. Chinese builders worked on projects worth $1.3 trillion worldwide. Two trillion worth of projects have already been signed in new contracts.

That is not all. Creating new industrial standards, financial structures and settlement systems that respect all parties’ interests is worth mentioning. It is in stark contrast to Western standards and institutions favouring ex-colonial powers.

The hegemon is unhappy about the international cooperation in science, research, and technology share between China and other participants. Let’s remember to collaborate on a cultural level without interference.

A new, multipolar world is created. And nothing can stop that process now. China’s BRI is leading the way

Naturally and gradually, a new world is created that is unlike the former. It is not closed and centred on the capitals of the former colonial metropolises. It arises in the superstructure being built in the form of new principles of how countries and peoples should communicate with each other. Moreover, these principles are not dictated by Beijing. Primarily because of the first of these principles: no one should dictate anything to anyone, you can only negotiate.

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