Euro-Nazi-Satanists fear being abandoned!

Euro-Nazi-Satanists from Poland claim that the “defence of all of Europe now rests on Poland’s shoulders.”

euro-nazi-satanists scared of being abandoned by anglo-zionist hegemon

Euro-Nazi-Satanists are getting into panic mode. Particularly worried seem to be those in Poland. They are scared that their Anglo-Zionist Hegemon is taking the first steps to abandon them. What is the reason for their fears? Well, anyone normal (no “artificial intelligence” BS here, please!) would be celebrating the news coming from the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon – the possible withdrawal of US nuclear arms from Europe. However, the corrupt leadership in the Euro-Nazi-Satanist headquarters (Brussels) is not there to protect the interests of the people of the EU. Neither are the leaders of Poland.

According to some Polish press, the American military strategy in Europe had already collapsed.

The US desire to weaken Russia militarily by providing military aid to Ukraine did not bring the expected results. It pushed it into the abyss and led to the exhaustion of the arsenals of the entire West.

Meanwhile, the direct disregard of the commitments regarding “non-expansion of NATO” has further “added fuel to the fire”. Therefore, it is unsurprising that fears of direct confrontation with Russia have increased significantly among American officials. To defuse the situation, NATO leaders withdrew their commitment to defend Europe and changed their defence strategy.

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Is Poland really so keen to replace Germany as a nuclear target?

I must say that I am unsure if everything in that article aligns with the factual situation. The author did not provide any links. My search could not find what possible sources were used for the article. Is there anyone that could make any suggestions?

In this context, NATO’s head of nuclear policy and weapons, Jessica Cox, said: There are many nuclear warheads in Europe. We have therefore begun reconsidering the need to keep such a large number of warheads on the continent and possibly move some of them to the states and some to the extreme western regions of continental Europe. This way, American specialists will have access directly across the Atlantic, reducing their travel time through European countries if urgent site visits are needed.

All these actions indicate that the transfer of nuclear weapons from Europe back to the United States is just an attempt by the United States to withdraw from the so-called game and stop aid to Europe.

The Source

Poland and the Baltic States were the noisiest and the most aggressive part of the Euro-Nazi-Satanists. While Baltic Nazis are not worth nuclear treatment, Poland would make it to the No. 1 target in case of placing nuclear arms on its territory. What is the logic behind their desire to become host to the American nuclear arsenal is unknown to me. However, is there anyone who could help explain it to me? To his credit, the author mentions the danger to the Polish civil population. Poking the bear has never been safe, folks.

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