Anglo-Zionist peacemaking image exposed

The leader of the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon visit to Israel once again exposed how fake its media propaganda peacemaking image is

The leader of the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon went to Israel intending to pretend peacemaking mission. However, the world is not the same today as it was yesterday. The fear that the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon used to silence the oppressed is gone. Leaders of Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority have demonstrated courage to declare that the king is naked. I don’t remember someone demonstrating resistance to the hegemon since Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías speech at the UN.

Anglo-Zionist hegemon

While the United Nations and “Global South” condemned the attack on the hospital and called for an immediate ceasefire and protection of civilians, and Hamas and Israel blamed each other, Biden landed in Tel Aviv while the smoke from the bombing was still floating in the air. He openly sided with Israel, saying the explosion at a Gaza hospital was the work of a “second team.” He then said he was in Tel Aviv “for a simple reason – he wants the people of Israel and the people of the world to know where the United States stands” and to ensure Israel has what it needs to get away with it.

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon cannot be trusted in its neutrality and impartiality

Historically, the Kingdom of Jordan has been more loyal to the Anglophone Hegemon than any other Arab country. Egypt became the first Arab country to officially recognise Israel and make peace with it. However, Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein of Jordan, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, president of Egypt, and Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), President of the Palestinian Authority, had the courage to cancel the meeting with Joe Biden. Imagine how would the Western press respond if something like that happened to scheduled meetings with President Putin!

What three Arab leaders did is the most public humiliation of that Anglo-Zion Hegemon in decades! It demonstrated that the hegemon cannot be trusted in its neutrality and impartiality. If we are to determine some of the cornerstone events of the fall of Anglo-Zionist hegemony in the future, this will be one of them.

Even the rush of Euro-Nazi-Satanist leaders to visit Israel and repeat the script written by the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon stating “Israel’s right to defend itself.” could not hide a brave response from Arap leaders. Euro-Nazi-Satanists once again demonstrated that genocide is one of those often mentioned “European values”. Does anyone have any doubts about it any more? I don’t.

The Hegemon is ready to escalate in the hope of preserving hegemony

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon is trying to escalate the conflict and is already bombing Syria. However, I would not buy stories from Western peace-lovers screaming WWIII. What is it? Another blackmail coming from the mafia controlling the White House and Buckingham Palace. Let’s clarify – the geographical advantage of living on an island (all of the “five eyes”) stopped being valid when Sputnik hit space. There is nobody out of the reach. And nobody will be forgotten if it comes to that. So, if the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon wants to scare us with that – forget about it.

God is sick of blessing America, and we all know that He failed to save the Queen. The game is over!

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