Time to stop the Serbian Fifth Column now

Serbian Fifth Column, parading as an NGO (Non-Government Organisation), is now openly acting against the Republic of Serbia and the people of Serbia. It is time to stop it now!

Serbian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were always loyal servants of the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and its subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists. They were instrumental in facilitating the regime change in Serbia in 2000. That resulted in successive governments of Serbia facilitating unprecedented plundering of the country, throwing the majority of the population into poverty and desperation.

Whenever someone says there is no press freedom in Serbia, ask them about the “Danas” newspaper. Let me help you – it is the primary propaganda outlet serving the Serbian Fifth Column pretending to be political parties supporting “Western values” or non-governmental organisations. It is unclear how that paper survives as its popularity is shallow. One can guess with a high degree of certainty that the source of financing is the same as for non-governmental organisations in Serbia and worldwide.

Have you ever asked a logical question regarding media and NGO financing? Why only Anglo-Zionist hegemon and its subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists engage in that sort of “aid”? If you live in a Western country, then you will daily hear or read about “malign” Russian or Chinese interference. How many NOGs do you know that are financed by Russia or China? Maybe we should all grab an English dictionary and find out what “interference” means.

Serbian NGOs appeal to the EU to stop cooperation with Aleksandar Vucic

Twelve NGOs recently urged the EU and other Western partners to abandon the cooperation policy with Aleksandar Vucic. These organisations said that “today it has become obvious that the policy of reconciliation and cooperation with the regime in Serbia will not bear fruit.”

The signatories of this appeal – Autonomous Women’s Center, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Center for Contemporary Policy, CRTA, ISAK Fund, European Movement in Serbia, Slavko Curuvija Foundation, Jucom, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Partners Serbia and Civic Initiativesstated that Serbian citizens are denied access to free and independent media.

  1. The very fact that I regularly read “Danas” paper is proof that the claim about “free” media is false. However, I would agree with their claim regarding “independent” media. Again, “Danas” is proof of that.
  2. What measurements determine the level of the Serbian press’s freedom and independence? All the NGOs mentioned above happen to have Internet sites that are freely presenting their policies and views. Free access to the Internet is proof of freedom of speech. Serbian government (or Aleksandar Vucic, if you insist) did nothing to prevent their MEDIA presence on the Internet.
  3. Please visit their internet sites – click on the links above. Autonomous Women’s Center and Civic Initiative also have sites listed on Google but were not responsive. Civic Initiative finally opened after a while. I wonder if Aleksandar Vucic is in managing these two sites. If he is, they have reason to be unhappy with his performance.

Snezana Congradin – one of “Danas” stormtroopers parading as journalists

It would be a surprise if the author of the article I am trying to present here is not one of Danas’s stormtroopers pretending to be journalists – Snezana Congradin. If you want to read an article packed with hatred towards the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church – look no further. However, there is a good side to that. Her hatred towards Serbia makes her always show her true colours and hidden motives. I appreciate that.

Here is a little tip for reading Danas and similar news media in Serbia. They very often attack Russia and Serbia’s relations with them rather than just attacking whatever target in Serbia is in their focus. The proof is in the following paragraph:

“Undermining the constitutional order of Serbia and the separation of powers established by it, the President of the Republic has usurped the powers of the Government, the National Assembly and even the judiciary. Nationalism, corruption and organised cross-border crime are on the rise. Regional relations are strained, the Kosovo issue has reached an impasse, and Serbia’s foreign policy orientation is torn between mimicry of EU integration and close ties with Russia.”


Who elected Marko Milosavljevic to talk about democracy?

“Asked what is the strength of such letters, i.e. what the message of the signatories of this appeal means to European leaders, Marko Milosavljevic from the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, an organisation that is a signatory, told Danas that “the importance of appeals of 12 civil society organisations is primarily to stop support and tolerance to the kleptocratic regime in Serbia by the European Union and other partners such as the United States.

The basic message of the appeal is that democracy and the rule of law in Serbia should not be sacrificed for the sake of a truce in the Balkans. It is precisely the collapse of the institutions of the state that leads to a new cycle of violence both inside and outside Serbia. Democracy building in Serbia depends mostly on the potential of a credible political alternative to the current government. Therefore we call for a structured dialogue with pro-democracy and pro-EU actors in the country and the region.


Some questions:

  1. Why are all Serbian “pro-western” or “pro-democratic” political parties still under the same leadership that facilitated regime change in 2000?
  2. Why Serbian government does nothing to protect and inform its population about activities of these FOREIGN AGENTS (they are all financed from various sources coming from Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and its subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists)? No, I am not talking about Russian regulation regarding foreign agents. I am talking about one established by the US. One effective from 1938. Of course that the “free” Western media will not tell you about that. However, in spite of the fact that BBC or CNN are not talking about it – it exist.
  3. How is it possible that non-elected representatives of foreign interests are demanding the EU and US to stop cooperation with the elected government of Serbia? Instead, they demand that the EU and US cooperate with “a credible political alternative to the current government”. How is the credibility of these political alternatives determined? Certainly not by democratic elections.

The Democratically elected government of any country is the only credible representative of its people (electorate). A democratically elected government, therefore, has the right and obligation to protect itself (as a legal representative of its people) from forces demanding foreign interference. Why is the government of Serbia not doing it? It is time to stop Serbia’s Fifth Column now.

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