Waiting for the hegemon to collapse?

The first televised genocide by Anglo-Zionist Hegemon is showing no restraints. What to expect?

Is the world, particularly the Arab world, silently watching the first televised genocide by Anglo-Zionist Hegemon without response? Are peaceful protests enough to clear us all from being accomplices in the crime by history’s judgment? Are we doing enough for the innocent children of Palestine being slaughtered?

Alarming and shocking news from the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli exacerbation continues to flow steadily. Experts are trying to guess what is to come. The escalation is inflated according to all the rules: border skirmishes and shelling, harsh statements by officials, evacuation of citizens from potentially dangerous countries for them, mass street performances, arms transfers, and cancellation of flights.

However, how serious are the actors who can intervene and force the change? Let me personalise this. How serious about fighting for Palestinians are you, President Erdogan? I have seen you talking. Excellent speech, Mr President. Now, how about walking, Mr President? What is the problem? How can I help Mr President?

Today, Saudi Arabia and Jordan warned Yemen’s authorities about not allowing their space to be used for attacks on Israel! What happened after that great speech at the Cairo Peace Summit, Your Excellency? I guess the masters from Washington and London called you for a chat?

Tu summarise: The Arab World is not ready to fight. They are quietly choosing the option to let the “century of Arab humiliation” continue for some time longer. It is not that they have no military capabilities to present Israel with a credible threat and force it to negotiate. Not at all. However, their bank accounts are all under the control of the Anglo-Zion Hegemon and its subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists. Now, that counts

Waiting for the Hegemon to collapse

Waiting is always an option. Arab elites don’t care about the children of Palestine. They care even less about the Arab population in Lebanon and Syria. After all, Arab elites were actively involved in the attempted overthrow of the legitimate government in Syria. Who is the “Arab Elite”? Apart from being well dressed, driving exotic cars and wearing expensive jewellery, you can recognise them by speaking English better than Arabic. Arab elite is some sort of Yanichars. Sent to the West to get brainwashed. It works like a charm.

Hamas was created by Mossad, MI6 and CIA. The purpose – to provide Israel with excuses not to implement any agreement with PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation). It worked perfectly ever since. Was the current war planned in the same centres as previous “conflicts”? I don’t know. There are indications that the Caliphate of Chaos started its military build-up before the conflict. The Kingdom of Genocides is not a military might any more. However, even a dead horse might fart if you jump on its gut.

Arrogance is always a bad ally

I believe that the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon planned this. However, their subordinates in Euro-Nazi-Satanist land had no idea – they never do. Why inform them when the zombies will follow as they are told anyway? It all points to one intended outcome – The “Final Solution”. Those who planned and executed it in 1940’s are at it again! Yes, it is the same ilk. Make no mistakes.

However, there is (always) a piece of good news. It is called the arrogance of every hegemon in the past. That is what brought them to their knees. I will not argue if that it is the making of Mother Nature or the Creator Himself, but it works perfectly. It is slow, but…

Israel engaged their military reservists to get ready for the operation in Gaza. Apparently, three hundred thousand reservists have been called on duty! That is on top of their regular force and their regular conscript force. How long can the Israeli economy operate without these three hundred thousand people? One of the main reasons Russia avoided bigger mobilisation is the possible shortage of labour which could be an unwanted but unavoidable side-effect. Mind you, Russia has a population of around 140 million.

The weakening and degradation of the West (and Israel as part of it) is accelerating. That means you just need to wait until the victory over them is guaranteed by much less effort and sacrifice. That is the theory. Apparently! Under one condition: Arab “street” not reaching the boiling point before the perceived slow death of the West.

To my dear friends on Arab Street – If you ever want to get free from the hegemon (any), then get to know who is your real enemy. Let me help you: They pretend to be your Elite. Deal with it!

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