Anglo-Zionist Empire of Lies vs Humanity

The Anglo-Zionist Empire of Lies is turning humanity against itself.

Did the Anglo-Zionist Empire of Lies make that last move that could break the camel’s back? Humanity is turning its back on the Anglo-Zionist hegemon and its subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists. The quiet resistance to Western double standards will snowball and is now unstoppable. The Empire of Lies is under attack not only from the rest of the world but increasingly by their own citizens, sickened by lies and crimes.

Israel’s refusal to admit responsibility for the attack on Al-Ahri Hospital in the Gaza Strip, which killed more than 500 people (and attempts to blame it on a “Palestinian rocket”), will have far-reaching consequences – even more severe than the massacre itself. Murder. And not for Israel alone, but for the entire Western world and, above all, the USA.

The media with global reach controlled by the Anglo-Zionist Empire of Lies and subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists were part of the denial, and now they are doing everything to make us forget. I am writing this in the hope that the bombing of Al-Ahri Hospital in the Gaza Strip will not be forgotten.

President Biden, on a visit to Israel, stated his confidence that the strike was carried out not by Israel but by “another team.” By taking such a position, Washington has cut off all retreat routes. They know that. However, they are confident that humanity will be manipulated once again. The likes of CNN, BBC and the rest of the Western media have done it numerous times. Those who firmly believe in their exceptionalism and being chosen naturally assume that the rest of us are inferior and can be manipulated forever. It is time to show them how wrong they are!  

The battle for the Global South’s soul lost.

“We have definitely lost the battle in the Global South,” said one senior G7 diplomat. “All the work we have done with the Global South [over Ukraine] has been lost . . . Forget about rules, forget about world order. They won’t ever listen to us again.”

Many developing countries have traditionally supported the Palestinian cause, seeing it through the prism of self-determination and a push against the global dominance of the US, Israel’s most important backer.

Some American diplomats are privately concerned that the Biden administration’s response has failed to acknowledge how its broad support of Israel can alienate much of the Global South.

In the Middle East, many Arabs feel that the US and other western powers have never held Israel to account for its treatment of Palestinians, or paid enough attention to brutal conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

What we said about Ukraine has to apply to Gaza. Otherwise we lose all our credibility,” the senior G7 diplomat added. “The Brazilians, the South Africans, the Indonesians: why should they ever believe what we say about human rights?

Financial Times

It has already been written in history – All leaders from the Global West supported Israeli crimes against humanity and genocide and are doing everything to present them as something it is not. Are we going to continue letting them get away with the murder? Literally.

Not only the Islamic world but also the absolute majority of the non-Western world (and a considerable part of Westerners) sees the fundamental, blatant injustice of what is happening.

Not the Western authorities. They made their choice and are not going to change it.

Why are Anglo-Zionist hegemon and its subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists continuing this path that is obviously wrong?

The answer is simple: they can no longer stop. They have gone too far. Too much is built on the foundation of “double standards”, on the division of the world into “advanced humanistic democratic civilizations” and “barbaric authoritarian aggressive dictatorships”. The Atlanticists can no longer abandon this strategy. And with all their words and actions, they are only accelerating their collapse in the Middle East, in Ukraine, and in the world as a whole.

Without punishment, there is no established crime

It is essential to understand that without punishment, there is no established crime. Are we going to let the Anglo-Zionist Empire of Lies and subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists get away with another genocide?

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