New Climate Change Industrial Complex

The “climate-change” industrial complex is much greater than the military-industrial complex. They could work together in the future, though. How?

The Climate Change Industrial Complex is doing everything to control every segment of our lives. Are we going to trust their fake science, think tanks and others with a history of being corrupt and lying?

Eisenhower’s speech on January 17, 1961, when he handed over the post to John Kennedy and at the same time warned his people about the danger. The danger posed by the military-industrial complex. He was the first to briefly and clearly outline the mechanics of the “perpetual motion machine” of his military-industrial complex. It produces weapons, demanding money from the authorities for this. However, provokes wars so that this wheel of expenses does not stop. And so on – until it crushes all politics, power and the country. 

However, the military-industrial complex needs more than just new conflicts it creates. It needs other parts of the economy to provide the motivation.

There is nothing unique about that process. It has been used on many occasions in the past. Straight from political science textbooks of the last century were actions of the oil and gas lobby, which influenced war and politics on a global scale, and also the financial one. 

At the end of the century, the world began to change dramatically because new groups of business interests came to the fore. An alliance of medical and information lobbies is operating on the same principle. They make threats (problems), demand appropriate actions from governments and are inflated with money to fix the problem they created.

One of the strongest lobbies today and possibly of all times seems to be the “Climate Change” Industrial Complex.

Who is behind all these new threats, and who is offering us “protection” from them?

People who control an Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and its subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists, are coming up with new schemes to enable them to continue plundering this planet. Recent events with COVID-19 and the rapidly growing push regarding climate change are signs of the desperation and boldness of these forces. Unlike the “Big Oil” or “Wall St” lobbies, pushing for more exploitation of the masses, the Climate Change Industrial Complex is combining all segments of capital in one.

However, the “old” lobbies did not go so far as to get into literally every home. They are increasingly prescribing what products to buy, how to warm up, how to live, and what to say and write, destroying human freedoms.

Throughout history, people have accepted and adopted things that have improved their lives, health and well-being. It was happening without forcing anyone to adopt new things. However, corrupt governments of the collective West are trying to force the use of certain products.

BRUSSELS, Feb 14 (Reuters) – The European Parliament on Tuesday formally approved a law to effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the European Union from 2035, aiming to speed up the switch to electric vehicles and combat climate change.

The landmark rules will require that by 2035 carmakers must achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions from new cars sold, which would make it impossible to sell new fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the 27-country bloc.


The frontal attack on the most independent part of the population – Farmers – Using climate change as an excuse

Anglo-Zionist hegemon and its subordinates in European-Nazi-Satanists have a long history of doing the “right thing”. According to them, it was the “right thing” to “civilise” the native population of North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The fact that in that process, the native population of North America and Australia was reduced to statistical error is often blamed on their inability to deal with diseases brought by European settlers.

Science is regularly used to provide cover for forceful actions by corrupt governments, reducing our rights and freedoms. Make no mistake – There is no scientific proof that COVID-19 vaccines reduced the number of victims. Strictly controlled media simply prevents any open discussion. We are going through another phase of climate change. Nobody is denying that. However, should we trust “scientists” and “experts” who predicted that there would be an “oil peak” in the 1990’s and similar things.

I support the idea that everyone (EVERYONE) on this planet should have living conditions providing clean air, clean water and healthy food. Current campaigns regarding “climate change” are not about improving the living conditions of all citizens of the planet Earth. These campaigns are about taking complete control of the entire population. That is why farmers are one of the main targets. The process started in the Netherlands, and it will spread slowly.

It is time to resist and start solving real problems that people of the Global South are facing. There are many out there whose childhood was stolen from them.

Greta Thunberg - climate change protest

The media with global reach is the media controlled by Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates European-Nazi-Satanists. They bombard us with the photos of Greta Thunberg, whose childhood was apparently stolen. You will rarely see happy children working in African mines owned by Western mining companies. Only the blind cannot see that the Western corporate monster is not satisfied with profits and wants to turn children from their own countries into tomorrow’s cheap and controlled labour. I vote for the destruction of humanity as a better solution than slavery.

Do you remember the R2P (Right to Protect) ideology of the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and its subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists? How many countries were destroyed? How many people were murdered? It was all based on lies. The same people who lied to us then might be engaging in the military-industrial complex to provide arms to force plans made by the climate-change industrial complex. We need farmers free to grow natural food on the land, and we must prevent corporate monsters from taking cash from us. It is a matter of surviving as self-respecting humans rather than slaves.

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