Serbia must stop negotiations via EU now

Terminate the talks with the EU on Kosovo because the EU cannot guarantee anything.

 Serbia should revoke the Brussels agreement and all agreements based on it and renew its civilian presence in Kosovo. And to hold local elections wherever possible, of course.

But this is different from the topic here: Brussels agreements.

Serbia has fulfilled all its obligations under these agreements. Pristina fulfilled nothing. And the EU? The EU has proved that it is useless as a negotiation mediator. Or, at the very least – utterly useless to Serbia. To tell the whole truth, the European-Nazi-Satanists are doing everything to pressure Serbia into recognising Kosovo as an independent state. It was foolish to accept enemies as mediators in any negotiations.

Serbia agreed to look to the other side regarding all agreements except one. It is ZSO (Zajednica srpskih opstina – Association of Serbian Municipalities). Serbia allowed all further obligations by the representatives of Pristina to be unfulfilled, but not this one. However, Albanians from Pristina are not willing to proceed with that. Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists, which is supposed to be the guarantor of the fulfilment of all agreements, needs to do something to force implementation. However, they are unwilling to do so. What is the point of having them as a mediator or guarantor?

Franco-German or “European Proposal” for “normalisation between Serbia and Kosovo.”

Make no mistakes – that proposal is not “European” and is another proof of how undemocratic the Fourth Reich (EU) is. For that proposal to be “European”, approval by every member state is required. That is not what happened. However, Euro-Nazi-Satanists are quietly fulfilling orders by Anglo-Zionist Masters.

It is not a surprise that Germans and French are behind this proposal. Every now and then, their Anglo-Zionist masters let them play the “leadership” role in their Euro-Nazi-Satanist zoo.

Franco-German or “European Proposal” is all about one thing. It is the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state and its membership in the UN. According to that proposal, Belgrade should forget previous agreements and offer new concessions to the Narco-State parading under the name of Kosovo. Even the Serbian Vucic government could not accept that. Serbia is still insisting on only one thing- the ZSO implementation by Pristina. I am sure you can guess it. Pristina is refusing to do so. In return, Anglo-Zionist hegemon and subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists are pretending to pressure Pristina. In short – they are trying to sell Serbs good old game of – A good cop and a bad cop. Will Vucic buy it? I don’t know.

Serbia must accept Kosovo’s independence de facto but not de jure in the new agreement. This would allow Serbia to adhere to its Constitution, which recognises Kosovo as part of Serbian territory. Simi­lar to the Basic Treaty between the two Germanys, the Franco-German proposal states that the agreement should apply “without prejudice to the different view of the Parties on fundamental questions, in­cluding on status questions” concerning Kosovo.

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik

Serbia must stop the practice of negotiating that leads nowhere

I can understand that Belgrade was not in condition to be choosy some ten years ago. The country was devastated by plundering enabled by the “democratic” governments that took over after the overthrow of Milosevic. The current ruling coalition inherited the country on the brink of bankruptcy. Serbian government accepted to move mediation of the EU from the UN. The reason was the belief that the EU would provide financial assistance.

However, that put Serbia in the hands of the Fourth Reich (the EU). From then on, Serbia steadily made concessions to the illegal “government” in Pristina and got nothing in return. Pristina refused to implement and fulfil its obligations, and the Fourth Reich declined to force the implementation. We can observe this practice going on for over ten years. It is time to stop it.

Some things are very clear, and it is time to mention them clearly and loudly. Destruction of Yugoslavia and following aggression against Serbia and occupation of part of its territory was just a prelude to their expansion and destabilisation of Ukraine. Anglo-Zionist hegemon and subordinate Euro-Nazi-Satanists are involved in their racist war against Eastern Slavic Orthodox. That became very obvious in Ukraine.

Someone should tell the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists that their “international community” shrunk to its minimum. They should understand that the rest of the world has had enough of their “chosen” and “exceptionalism” and other racist rubbish. We are getting close to the point that perishing in the war for freedom is more acceptable than being slaves.

What should Serbia do now?

  1. Give Pristina and the EU reasonable time to fulfil ALL obligations by all sides, or the Brussels Agreement will be declared invalid. The agreement was signed on 19/04/2013. Giving Pristina and Brussels an additional twelve months is more than a generous gesture by Serbia.
  2. Serbia should officially declare Kosovo & Metohija as temporarily occupied territories. That will change the role of the current (NATO) forces from “peacekeepers” to the “occupying force”. That is what their true role is. That will shift (by international law and conventions) responsibility from the puppets of the Anglo-Zion hegemon (“the government in Pristina”) to NATO commanding officers.
  3. If the Brussels Agreement is not fully implemented by the twelve-month deadline, Belgrade should withdraw from the agreement to accept the EU as a mediator. It should reverse communications with the puppets in Pristina to the UN (where it originally was).

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