solidarity between North Korea and Russia

Solidarity in struggle for New World

Some old alliances were destroyed to please Anglo-Zion Hegemon and it is time to revive them. Solidarity between peoples of Russia and North Korea survived all challenges and is stronger than ever

Why hiding the solidarity between Russia and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

Some old alliances were destroyed to please Anglo-Zion Hegemon. It is time to revive them. Solidarity between peoples of Russia and North Korea survived all challenges and is stronger than ever!

Anglo-Zion Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists are accusing North Korea of supplying arms to Russia! At the same time Anglo-Zion Hegemon and The Fourth Reich are supplying arms to Nazi regime in Kiev (capital of the former USSR republic). What makes me angry is the fact that Russia is traying to hide this fact. Why? Because of breaking some of the UN resolutions and sanctions? I suggest checking who is an absolute champion in breaking UN resolutions and sanctions. Let me help you a bit – it is neither Russia nor People’s Republic of Korea. And finally – UN is an organisation completely corrupt by Euro-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists. They might as well dismantle it.

However, there are sources informing about SOLIDARITY between North Korea and Russia. Yes, North Korea is supplying Russia with some arms but mostly with ammunition. What exactly?

Missiles from Kim Jong-un: North Korea sends 600-mm MLRS to Russia

North Korea is sending missile systems to Russia, including a 600-mm multiple launch rocket system that has no analogues in the world. This was reported to the press at a briefing of the South Korean Ministry of Defence.

According to Seoul, the DPRK will send or may have already sent to Russia:

  1. operational tactical systems Hwasong-11Ga (KN-23 according to the Western classification), which are analogues of our Iskanders, but have a slightly longer range (up to 600 km);
  2. Hwasongpho-11Na (KN-24) operationally tactical complexes – in fact, a clone of the American operational-tactical missile system ATACMS with a range of up to 410 km.
  3. KN-25 ultra-large caliber rocket systems.

Delivery of the first two systems expands the capabilities of the Russian army extensively: more launchers and more missiles. However, the supply of the KN-25 MLRS will lead to a qualitative increase in abilities.

The fact is that this (KN-25) is the only MLRS in the world with a caliber of missiles of 600 mm. The tracked mount carries six three-ton missiles, and the wheeled version is armed with four. At the same time, the range of destruction of targets from this MLRS is 380 km, which makes it in a sense an analogue of operational-tactical complexes.

In addition, it is reported that the DPRK has already sent 2,000 (two thousand) sea containers through the port of Rason. If they were loaded with 152-mm shells, then we are talking about the supply of no more than 1 million units. If they were loaded with 122-mm rockets for the Grad system, then the volume of delivery should be about 200 thousand rounds. It is also possible that some of the containers contained shells for the guns of T-62 and T-55 tanks.

On the other side

Bloomberg reported that the EU will most likely not be able to fulfil the promise to supply Ukraine with a million artillery shells.

Vlad Shlepcenko is a source of information and military expert reporting for several free news outlets.

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