Euro-Nazi-Satanists attack Armistice Day

Euro-Nazi-Satanists attack on Serbian Heroes on Armistice Day – French Embassy Moves Serbian WWI Memorial in Pristina Cemetery

The French embassy said it moved a memorial in a Kosovo cemetery honouring Serbian soldiers who died in World War I and the early 20th Century Balkan Wars after it caused “controversy”, and installed a memorial to fallen French troops.

This was done at the request of French ambassador in illegal self-proclaimed independent Kosovo in Pristina. German embassy was informed. However, Serbian authorities were not consulted or informed. According to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1242 – Kosovo & Metohija is part of Serbia. France voted for that resolution! From 1999 Kosovo & Metohija is under occupation of NATO parading as some sort of the United Nations force.

What are Euro-Nazi-Satanists doing in the Serbian Orthodox Cemetery?

The French embassy in Pristina moved a stone memorial tablet commemorating Serbian soldiers who died in World War I and the Balkan Wars in a cemetery in Kosovo’s capital after it caused controversy in local media, the French and German embassies told BIRN in a joint statement on Monday.

The memorial, which bears the inscription “Here lies the remains of Serbian soldiers who fell in the wars of 1912-18”, was moved a couple of metres from its original location inside the Orthodox cemetery.

According to local media, the relocation of the memorial was noticed on Saturday during the joint marking of Armistice Day by the French and German embassies in Pristina.

“In recent years and particularly in 2022, this joint French-German ceremony was tarnished by a controversy in certain media in Kosovo over the presence of a stele paying tribute to Serbian soldiers who died between 1912 and 1918,” the French and German embassies said in their statement to BIRN.

“This controversy was unworthy of the memory of all soldiers: the French, German and Serbian soldiers who died in the First World War but also the 18 French soldiers who died during their service for [NATO’s Kosovo force] KFOR, in the protection of all communities of Kosovo,” the statement added.

The statement also said that “the installation of a new stele recalling the sacrifice of all French soldiers in Kosovo was done at the initiative of the Embassy of France”.

“We subsequently moved the stele in homage to the Serbian soldiers only a few metres, with the greatest respect after informing the municipality. No bodies of soldiers were moved. This stele remains fully visible on the same location, as anyone can see on site and on the picture attached,” the two embassies said.

Euro-Nazi-Satanists just provided proof that “Kosovo” is not an independent state.

What do we know based on the above?

  1. According to the United Nations Security Council, Resolution No. 1242 – Kosovo & Metohija are recognised as part of Serbia. The fact that the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists, allowed it to declare independence while under their military occupation makes it invalid. We all know that during the rule of the Third Reich, many parts of Europe had similar “independence” (including Kosovo, which was under the rule of Albanian collaborators). However, it was all invalid after the collapse of the Third Reich. The Fourth Reich will follow with the same destiny.
  2. Can you name any independent country allowing a foreign embassy to arrange for the local cemetery? Cemeteries are more than just a place where people are buried. In truly civilised and decent societies, cemeteries are respected. However, there is more than disrespect in question here. It is one of many attempts at the cultural genocide against Serbs in this occupied territory. It is another attempt to deny the existence of Serbs in this province. Albanians bulldoze dozens of Serbian cemeteries with the approval of Anglo-Zionist hegemon and subordinates, Euro-Nazi-Satanists.
  3. The memorial Plaque was placed on top of the bodies of Serbian soldiers. It was moved “only several meters”. However, it resulted in the German flag being on top of their bodies with the French and the Fourth Reich flags. That is an insult that Serbs will never forgive.

Mild response from Serbian government is not good enough!

The Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Raska-Prizren expressed concern on Sunday about the relocation of the memorial.

The diocese said in a statement that “neither the Serbian community, which uses that cemetery, nor the Diocese of Raska-Prizren, which looks after the Orthodox cemeteries in Kosovo and Metohija spiritually, were consulted about the relocation of the memorial tablet to the liberators of World War I, who made great sacrifices, together with other allied soldiers [of the Entente Powers]”.

“The diocesan legal service will consider every option to return the memorial tablet to its original place and preserve the Serbian cemetery in Pristina with dignity in the future,” it added.

The Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija complained that the relocation of the memorial plaque was an attempt to erase signs of Serbs’ existence in Kosovo and represented “a brutal change of history”, Radio KIM reported.

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