Kosovo is occupied part of Serbia for now

INTERVIEW: PETR BYSTRON, Member of the AfD in the Bundestag

Kosovo is occupied part of Serbia!

Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina are at a turning point, Kurti is just bluffing that he wants to establish the Union of Serbian Municipalities

INTERVIEW: PETR BYSTRON, Member of the AfD in the Bundestag

You stated that in recent months, Germany wanted to force an agreement between Belgrade and the interim authorities in Pristina (Kosovo). How do you see the further course of negotiations and EU pressure on Serbia?

The situation is difficult. We see a great disaster and attempts to reach some goal with negotiations. All that EU pressure was not good. They sent Miroslav Lajcak, but still no results. Kurti does not want to establish the Union of Serbian Municipalities. The Albanian side is bluffing that it wants to do it, but in reality, it does not want to. The EU does not learn from its mistakes, it is still banging its head against the wall.

Everyone can see that it was not a sincere effort on the part of the Albanian-Kosovo side and that the negotiations have not only reached a deadlock but are at a turning point. It is a pity that the so-called Kosovo is now under the protectorate of foreign powers and the territorial integrity of Serbia has been violated. But I see a good chance that this process can be turned in favour of your country.

Given that the authorities in Pristina (Kosovo) have not implemented the obligations from the Brussels Agreement, primarily the ZSO, should the EU change its approach to the dialogue?

The condition has not been met, so why should the Serbs continue with the negotiations? Just face the truth, it is an occupied part of Serbia, and international law has been violated. There is a UN resolution and I think that Serbia should insist on international law and respect for territorial integrity. This is exactly what we have been hearing for more than a year and a half in the context of Ukraine. If territorial integrity is respected in the case of Ukraine, why is it not respected in the case of Serbia?

Taking all this into account, what is the future of the EU?

The EU is developing in a different direction, contrary to what was planned at its founding. At first, every country wanted to join the club. It was bound by convenience and economic wealth, free flow of people, goods and services, which are very positive achievements. However, in recent years it has been transformed into a political union.

From Brussels, they push countries to give up their sovereignty, and this leads to tensions and many countries are thinking about leaving the union. When you asked people in the UK whether they wanted to stay or leave, they voted to leave. Nobody asks the people, that’s the point. Another thing is that Germany constantly pays for everything. If it stopped, at that point I think five or more countries would want to step down.

However, the percentage of Britons who think Brexit was a mistake has reached a record. If a referendum on returning to the EU were to be held now, the results would be uncertain, according to polls, primarily because of the economic benefits.

Maybe. Certainly, inflation in the United Kingdom is higher than before. But it is also higher in Germany. The reason for this is not Brexit. We also have inflation in the EU countries because the creation of the euro was a mistake at the start. Inflation was implemented in the currency itself and now we have catalysts that accelerate it, namely the sanctions against Russia. As a result of the sanctions, we are paying a high price for energy, and this is driving up inflation.

You criticized the German government’s strategy towards China, describing it as “an attempt to impose US geopolitical interests under the guise of a foreign policy strategy”. How do you see the future of those relations?

Our industries are interconnected. It is the country from which Germany imports the most, but there is a danger that this will stop, due to a change in paradigm and global politics. For the past 50 years, we viewed China as a partner and friend. Now there are these narratives that it is a systemic enemy. This is coming from the US, and it just says that China has become too powerful. We all know that the hegemony of the USA has come to an end. Now we have a multipolar world and players like China, India, Russia and other countries, which are in BRICS and counterbalance the USA.

Source: Politika

What, in my opinion, Serbia should do regarding Kosovo?

  1. Stop any further negotiations and even contacts with the self-proclaimed Kosovo (not a member of the UN) and with the EU as a mediator till all signed agreements are fully implemented and implementation clarified. Why would Serbia negotiate with those with a proven record of not fulfilling their obligations?
  2. Give EU maximum of twelve months to force implementation of already signed agreements. After that, all agreements signed under the mediation of the EU should be declared invalid.
  3. Declare Kosovo & Metohija (that is the official name of the Serbian southern province) as temporarily occupied territory. NATO as an occupying force (KFOR) that is trying to hide behind UN will have sole responsibility for the territory under their occupation. Quisling authorities operating in Kosovo & Metohija will be brought to justice after liberation.
  4. Apply for joining EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) as full-time member.
  5. Apply for joining SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)
  6. Apply for joining BRICS
  7. Renew full membership in NAM (Non-Aligned Movement)

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists should stop playing with fire or their fingers might be burned

Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists are applying unprecedented pressure on Serbian government to recognise part of its territory as an independent state named Kosovo. That is despite of the fact that all three members of their Fourth Reich voted for UN SC Resolution 1242 which clearly recognise it as part of Serbia.

Serbian Fifth Column parading as political opposition is controlled by the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists. They requested for early elections to be called. Government of Serbia agreed, and elections will be held on 17th of December 2023. However, the “opposition” is already making threats of rebelling if “votes are stolen” during election. This is repetition of the “5th October 2000 revolution” that was fully orchestrated by the Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists. Serbia was plundered as result of the actions of the “revolutionary” governments.

Is Anglo-Zionist Hegemon and subordinates Euro-Nazi-Satanists looking for opening the third front? Well, they should think about it carefully. They might to check history books. The first liberated territory from the Nazi Third Reich in Europe was “Uzicka Republika” (Uzice Republic) on 28 July 1941 in Uzice region of Serbia. We hope that French and German ambassadors in the future will not have to pay tribute to more of their soldiers who ended their lives in Serbia. We know who the enemy is. These are not poor Albanian peasants in Kosovo & Metohija. Hopefully, they know who their real enemy is.

Their cultural genocide against Serbs will not be forgotten nor forgiven either.

Ko se ne osveti – Taj se ne posveti!

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