what is Bologna Process in education and how good is it?

Warning! Bologna Process vs Education!

Is Bologna Process Anglo-Zion Hegemon’s hidden attack on Education?

Education is the most critical element of human progress. Are Euro-Nazi-Satanists destroying their education and pushing the Bologna Process to other countries as some “reform”?

What is Bologna Process?

The Bologna Process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications.

I must admit that above definition sounds great. There should be compatibility between education systems in different countries.

My statement in the paragraph above sounds like a conclusion and the end of a discussion on this topic. That would be true if I was educated under the Bologna Process. However, I finished my formal education long before the Bologna Process was invented. An “old school” education taught me to QUESTION. Therefore, I have some questions. They are pretty easy! Who is setting standards, and how?

Serbia has been a full member of the Bologna Process “European Higher Education Area” since 2003.

What are the principles of Bologna Process?

Obtaining an international recognition. Providing transparency in students’ assessment. Raising the level of teaching and acquiring new skills and methods of teaching through engaging into this new educational system. Enhancing the quality of education and meeting the Labour market needs.

The Bologna Process is forming a unified European higher education system based on shared functioning principles. The Bologna reforms are characterised by “results-oriented” and “student-centred learning”.


I am okay with education meeting the labour market needs as the purpose of education is to prepare people for work. However, considering the ever-expanding working age (the age of retirement gradually moved in most countries from 62 to 67 – and is still pushing), one can be sure that only some people will do the same job throughout employment. The question is: for which labour market are schools preparing their students? Considering the speed of new technologies being introduced to the workplace daily, the question is how quickly they are replicated in school curriculums.

If you analyse some of the language describing the Bologna Process and compare it with real life, you might get a different picture from the one they want you to see. So, the “result-oriented” is often actually the “bare minimum” of knowledge for a particular skill. So, “student-centred learning” is doublespeak for lowering the standards. Above all, COMPLIANCE is required.

To not “overload” young brains, many essential parts of mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry are skipped. Apparently, “nobody needs these skills any more”. However, these are not just the “skills”. These are the foundations of every learning. Retraining for another skill is much easier if trainees have that fundamental knowledge.

Creating dependency

This is not an accident. Corrupt Bureaucrats from Brussels intentionally prepare armies of young workforce members with particular skills. These people are very dependent on the “system”. They need help to change jobs or to be retrained for other skills. Dependent people are easy to control. They have to comply or… else.

Crazy Russians!

What made me write this post? I spent quite some time in a manufacturing position responsible for training employees, among other things. However, that does not make me an education expert. In all honesty, I rarely think about education these days. But, I ran across an article in Russian media regarding the Bologna Process. Russians also became part of the Bologna Process as all other countries. It is all part of a neo-liberal fancy “reforms” and “transitions” that is secretly neo-colonial as well.

Russians had to make a lot of changes to their economy after unprecedent sanctions. That made them realise that retraining is more difficult than it used to be in 1990s and they cared to find out why is that so.

The All-Russian Educational Forum VRNS, held in May 2023, showed that the country’s future depends on the education the younger generation receives and what values and knowledge are passed on. Domestic education should be free from Western concepts imposed on us.

Sovereign countries have the right to choose the education system for their children. On top of that, Russia has proved to be too hard to push-over as many smaller countries. However, the Western “experts” had their “exceptional” (of course) opinion:

With the re-introduction of the IMT in schools it is clear that Russia has returned to Soviet era methods to create uniformity, control and early integration of the state’s values among the most vulnerable of minds – the youth.


Russia returns to six-year degrees, abandoning the Bologna Process. Planned departure from Western higher education will ‘limit Russian students’ exposure to the outside world and democracy’, scholars warn

Times Higher Education

Will Serbia follow Russian lead

Based on my long experience as a curious observer, you must be doing something good if Western “experts” become concerned about you and democracy in general.

Not for the first time in history, Serbia became an island of freedom surrounded by the see of radical political correctness and indoctrination. Is there any political party in Serbia that would care for the future of their country? Yes, I know. The answer is clear: No. However, I am an optimist beyond repair, hoping someone will care and do something about it.

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