Aleksandar Adzic


0457 217 003

Fields of a “hands-on” experience:

  1. Leading Manufacturing Teams – Effective People Management
  2. Continuous Improvement – Data collection, Data analytics, Collaborating with relevant teams and persons to find solutions, Implementing solutions and Measuring results
  3. Basic Social Media Marketing and Web Design
  4. Clear Communication – Only an honest exchange of opinions can bring effective solutions.


I worked and lived on three continents, visited numerous countries on four continents and managed to see a lot. To say the least.

From Sarajevo, where I was born, to Belgrade, where I grew up and got an education, to Sydney, where I reside now and in between in some exotic and exciting places such as Cambodia.


The First School of Economics – Belgrade – Serbia – Yugoslavia

Diploma in Management – Logistics and Wholesale

Many short courses covering leadership skills, occupational health and safety and process improvement.

Current NSW Driver’s Licence and NSW Licence to perform high-risk work – Forklift Licence

I am a firm believer in self-education as a process that never ends.


2021 – 2022 – 18 months

Sales Development Representative

  1. Working on the development of the Company’s Internet Site
  2. Helping in production when required
  3. Working in a warehouse when required
  4. Design and posting of advertising materials on Social Media



Daniel Ciric

0451 532 052

2018 – 2020 – Contract

Deliveries Improvement Officer specifically tasked to improve the company’s DIFOTIS performance

  1. Establish relevant data collection
  2. Establish what parts of the process need attention
  3. Root Cause Analysis
  4. Engaging with relevant stakeholders in the process of finding the best solutions – “Brainstorming”
  5. Changing the culture from blaming to collaborating and cooperating
  6. Testing proposed solutions in “real-time”
  7. Establishing new procedures



Jason Zantiotis

0400 095 297

Targeted DIFOTIS performance achieved before the completion of the contract

2017 – 2018 – Via Agency

Workforce Agency – Casual work for B. E. Campbell

Industrial cleaning, including chemicals storage and handling



Adam Mlodzianowski

0423 138 242

2011- 2017 – Co-owner and General Manager

River Queen Hotel – Siem Reap (Near Angkor Wat) – Kingdom of Cambodia – General Manager

  1. Signing five years lease (Foreign ownership of land and properties in Cambodia is not allowed)
  2. Obtaining relevant Permits and Licences (Building & Operational)
  3. Design and complete renovation
  4. Staff hiring and training
  5. Marketing and advertising
  6. Selling the business to new owners at the end of the lease


Certificate of Excellence for 2014 and 2015 from TripAdvisor

Award Winner for 2017 from hotels.net

1994 – 2011

Production Shift Supervisor

  1. Responsible for the Occupational Health & Safety
  2. Responsible for the quality of products
  3. Responsible for crew’s performance and KPI
  4. Responsible for operator’s training in a multiskilled environment
  5. Part of Continuous Improvement and Plant Upgrade projects
  6. Developing training manuals and Safe Operating Procedures
  7. Safety audits and inspections

Pioneer International & Lafarge


Jason Zantiotis – 0400 095 297

Daniel Ciric – 0451 532 052

1992 – 1994

Production Operator

  1. Former Operator
  2. Core Mix Operator
  3. PLB Operator
  4. Dry End Operator
  5. Dry End Inspector
  6. Promoted in the Leading Hand in 1993
  7. Promoted in Shift Supervisor in 1994 – Please see the above

Pioneer International

1987 – 1991

Production Operator – Welder – Internal skill


Before 1987

Internal Auditor – Purchasing – International Operations

Energoprojekt – Belgrade


I participated in numerous projects throughout my long work career. Some of these projects were my initiative, and for others, I was tasked with leading them. However, I can present only projects performed at a reasonable time distance from the present time. Projects I can present here definitely cannot be seen as compromising commercial or technological secrets.

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