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I just started creating this Blog and there is not much I can say at the moment but I promise to bring some fresh content soon.

What is the purpose of this page?

  1. To get JOB! The last contract engagement was finished some months ago. Current situation with COVID19 Pandemic is certainly not helping but such is life. That made me think about some activities stated below. To see my Resume please click here or on “About”
  2. To further develop my Internet site/Blog creation and management skills. My first Internet page was created in 2012 in Cambodia. I was hotel owner/manager in Siem Reap (expats like calling it Temples Town due to close proximity of Angkor Wat temples). I have not done much with that skill due to the lack of time (or that might be just convenient excuse).
  3. To expand and develop my YouTube channel created in late 2011 when I just moved to Cambodia and witnessed the worse floods in South East Asia for fifty years. It was started out of boredom as nothing could be done during floods. All videos from that period were deleted from the channel due to the pure quality of recordings. Only one video is left on the channel and I am determined to post some more soon.
  4. To get involved in shaping post-pandemic society that will be fairer and happier than before (particularly from start of this century). I am very strong believer in social justice and that will be topic of many of my incoming posts. I arrived in Australia in 1987 and they called it LUCKY COUNTRY then. And, it REALLY was lucky country. Today… well it could be many things but not lucky country any more.
  5. To present opinions of other people by re-publishing their articles. This will not necessary be connected to politics as I have interests in many other things as travel, new technologies and their application in workplace and at home, environment and climate change …
  6. To share some other activities from my daily life.
  7. Travel and photography. I have traveled a lot in the past and love photography. I really love photography and intend to do more of it. We cannot travel at the moment but there are many local places worth presenting. I also have a blog covering travel (not only my travels but also posts from other travel blogs). If you want to check it out please click here.
  8. Everything else I might consider worth sharing in the future!
  9. Eh, I guess this would be enough for intro. Please share it and subscribe

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