Is this New victory for Putin in the EU?

Aleksandar D Adzic Blog

One line in Geert Wilders’ inflammatory pitch to Dutch voters will haunt Brussels more than any other: a referendum on leaving the EU.  “The worst nightmare of the European Union” has become a reality. That is Western media’s first reaction to the results of parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. The shock for the establishment was … Read moreIs this New victory for Putin in the EU?

Warning! Bologna Process vs Education!

what is Bologna Process in education and how good is it?

What are the principles of Bologna Process? Obtaining an international recognition. Providing transparency in students’ assessment. Raising the level of teaching and acquiring new skills and methods of teaching through engaging into this new educational system. Enhancing the quality of education and meeting the Labour market needs. The Bologna Process is forming a unified European … Read moreWarning! Bologna Process vs Education!