The Lafarge manufacturing team takes the challenge to use less water In plasterboard production, water serves two important functions. While some water is required to set the plaster, the majority is to give enough fluidity to the plaster slurry as it is being formed.This excess water must be removed in […]

CONCLUSION Justification of this type of product change was questioned mainly due to some failures to identify faulty product and prevent it from being released to the market, as well as number of changes that were not successful and excessive loss of product resulted. It is always good to ask […]

Everywhere in the world, SAFETY is our PRIORITY It is compulsory to wear Safety Glasses, Safety Helmet and Safety Boots in our plant at any time. Change from 1312RE to 1312FR without stopping Board-line requires involvement of several operatorson the Wet End – Forming area. These are – Core Mix […]

Everywhere in the world QUALITY is our reference! Change from 1312RE to 1312FR without stopping Board-line is a very complex change and one with ahigh degree of risk of producing some product that is not within our quality standards and specifications.There are many variables involved and too many situations where […]

Case Study No. 2Change on 16/01/2008 Chart below is presenting Dryer temperature profile during this change. Core Mix phase went smoothly and without any incidents or spillages. Only one board was rejected at the Wet End Transfer (3 m long) to avoid excessive gap in the Dryer. Aggressive adjustments (particularly […]

Dryer Temperature Profilesunder different conditions Dryer in Matraville plant is made of 2 zones and has 8 decks. Dryer Chain speed is calculated by dividing Board-line speed with 16 (each deck accommodates 2 boards) Ideal Dryer Chain speed for 1312RE board manufactured at 30 m/min Board-line speed is 1.875 m/min. […]

Board weight changes dramatically from 8.1 kg/m2 for 1312RE board to 10.5 kg/m2 for 1312FR board. This represents change of approximately 40 kg/min to the Stucco set point. It is important to know that heavier board is harder to dry. Increase in board weight during this product change is achieved through slowing down Board-line and adding Fly-ash and Vermiculite to the mix. Reduction to Stucco set point during this change must FOLLOW reduction in Board-line speed to make sure that board weight is as required or HIGHER.

PURPOSE Purpose of this Guide is to provide information and knowledge required for performing product change from 1312RE to 1312FR without stopping board-line in aim to improve machine efficiency, increase product output and improve profitability of the business. SCOPE Board-line downtime for this particular type of product change is approximately […]