As income inequality and economic upheaval take center stage, is a guaranteed minimum income worth considering? Results from a two-year experiment in Finland offer clues By Tera Allas, Jukka Maksimainen, James Manyika, and Navjot Singh Readers who are familiar with the inequality debate or the fears that robots will take all of our jobs will almost certainly […]

Overwhelmingly, Australia’s leading economists want the budget to boost social housing and the JobSeeker unemployment benefit rather than bring forward personal income tax cuts. The 49 eminent economists who responded to The Conversation-Economic Society of Australia pre-budget survey were asked to rate 13 options in terms of ‘bang for the […]

This week, support to unemployed Australians will be dramatically reduced. In April, the new Coronavirus Supplement roughly doubled the level of benefits for unemployed people on the JobSeeker payment and a range of other working-age payments. The supplement will drop from $550 to $250 a fortnight from Friday. This is before it is dropped […]

The small, beleaguered country is struggling to safeguard its sovereignty, its territorial integrity and its very ecological survival by Asoka Bandarage January 29, 2020 Sri Lanka’s historical narrative has been defined by geopolitical rivalry, external aggression and internal resistance to that aggression. The early historical era experienced successive waves of […]

Chris Carosa Senior ContributorRetirement I help families/small businesses discover wealth-building strategies. Watch out, Millennials! The OG “Me” generation is nipping at your virtual tails. Yes, that’s right. Baby Boomers have found a new way to retire—by becoming internet entrepreneurs. Not all of them, but the numbers may shock you. According […]