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Electrical Safety on the Factory Floor

Here’s a quick look at how enclosures, automation controls and wiring can be kept safe Kevin Kakascik Just about every product and machine we come in contact with uses electricity. To keep us safe, almost all of them have built-in safety features, especially those… Continue Reading “Electrical Safety on the Factory Floor”

Why AI isn’t nearly as smart as it looks

Artificial Intelligence promises to free humanity from mental drudgery and spark a productivity revolution but we’re not there yet by Jonathan Tennenbaum – June 1, 2020 This is the first installment in a series The intention of this article is not to attack artificial… Continue Reading “Why AI isn’t nearly as smart as it looks”

How to build a hydrogen-boron fusion reactor

Australian plasma physicist Heinrich Hora believes a fusion reactor can be built for $100 million by Jonathan Tennenbaum May 6, 2020 In this article, Jonathan Tennenbaum constructs – conceptually – a hydrogen-boron fusion reactor similar to one proposed by Australian plasma physicist Heinrich Hora… Continue Reading “How to build a hydrogen-boron fusion reactor”

Nuclear power’s ray of hope: hydrogen-boron fusion

An 85-year-old experiment could open the door to nuclear fusion without billion-degree laser beams by Jonathan Tennenbaum April 21, 2020 In 1933 the British physicists Ernest Rutherford and Mark Oliphant reported on a series of experiments in which they bombarded a thin film of… Continue Reading “Nuclear power’s ray of hope: hydrogen-boron fusion”

Australian quantum technology could become a $4 billion industry and create 16,000 jobs

By Cathy Foley, CSIRO and Dominic Banfield, CSIRO Quantum technology is not a phrase discussed over kitchen tables in Australia, but perhaps it should be. Australia’s quantum technology research has been breaking new ground for almost 30 years. Governments, universities and more recently multinationals… Continue Reading “Australian quantum technology could become a $4 billion industry and create 16,000 jobs”

Huawei 5G to roll out in 120 car models, starting with BYD Han EV in June

Bradley Berman – May. 12th 2020 Huawei’s 5G-based HiCar technology is not just another auto infotainment system. It’s more like an interface to the car’s core operating system and a vehicle-to-X channel to the road. HiCar will first appear on the BYD Han EV… Continue Reading “Huawei 5G to roll out in 120 car models, starting with BYD Han EV in June”

Brabham supercar hand built in Adelaide – photo essay

Brabham Automotive has built and delivered its first BT62 Competition model to the UK. And here at @AuManufacturing we just couldn’t resist giving you a close up look at its sleek and potent features. The company, which is producing just seventy track and road… Continue Reading “Brabham supercar hand built in Adelaide – photo essay”

Hydrogen-boron fusion could be a dream come true

The exciting promise of ‘extreme light’ is rewriting the rules of nuclear fusion. Part 1 in a series on Hydrogen-boron fusion by Jonathan Tennenbaum April 19, 2020 The various fields of science and technology are so closely connected that a breakthrough in one area… Continue Reading “Hydrogen-boron fusion could be a dream come true”

Tomorrow’s nuclear reactors: small but beautiful

Pebble-bed reactors and small modular reactors round out the list of favorites by Jonathan Tennenbaum February 6, 2020 This is the sixth and final installment in a series. To read from the beginning find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here a, part 4… Continue Reading “Tomorrow’s nuclear reactors: small but beautiful”

Molten salt and traveling wave nuclear reactors

Two advanced nuclear power reactor designs that can solve a multitude of problems by Jonathan Tennenbaum February 4, 2020 This is part 5 of a series.To read from the beginning find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here and part 4 here. The Molten… Continue Reading “Molten salt and traveling wave nuclear reactors”