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Electrical Safety on the Factory Floor

Here’s a quick look at how enclosures, automation controls and wiring can be kept safe Kevin Kakascik Just about every product and machine we come in contact with uses electricity. To keep us safe, almost all of them have built-in safety features, especially those… Continue Reading “Electrical Safety on the Factory Floor”

Why AI isn’t nearly as smart as it looks

Artificial Intelligence promises to free humanity from mental drudgery and spark a productivity revolution but we’re not there yet by Jonathan Tennenbaum – June 1, 2020 This is the first installment in a series The intention of this article is not to attack artificial… Continue Reading “Why AI isn’t nearly as smart as it looks”

Predictive vs. Preventive Maintenance: Which is Best?

The key to an effective, optimized strategy is finding the right balance Matt Sabee Most facilities today have well-thought-out maintenance programs. However, many facility managers are still asking one question: Which is better for my electrical system—preventive maintenance or predictive maintenance? In order to… Continue Reading “Predictive vs. Preventive Maintenance: Which is Best?”

The “Shattered” Supply Chain in the Age of COVID-19

IBM says pandemic pointed to the need for a more agile, AI-driven network Bob Vavra A new report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, “COVID-19 and Shattered Supply Chains,” discusses what the company called “vulnerabilities in global supply chains, causing unanticipated chaos while emphasizing a… Continue Reading “The “Shattered” Supply Chain in the Age of COVID-19”

Building a Modular System

The modular design principle increases the capability of customization, and users can receive a cost- and demand-optimized machine