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The complex, nuanced issue of Russia’s geopolitical neutrality in the Israel-Palestine tragedy was finally clarified last week, in no uncertain terms. Exhibit A is Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing – in person, on 30 October – his country’s Security Council, top government officials, and heads of security agencies. Among other notables, his audience included Prime Minister Mikhail … Read moreNew Israel & Russia – Pepe Escobar View

Julian Assange, Prometheus Bound

Authored by: Pepe Escobar, a veteran Brazilian journalist, is the correspondent-at-large for Hong Kong-based Asia Times Julian Assange (Prometheus) is being punished not for stealing fire – but for exposing power under the light of truth and provoking the “God” of Exceptionalism (Anglo-America). This is the tale of an Ancient Greek tragedy reenacted in Anglo-America. Amid thundering … Read moreJulian Assange, Prometheus Bound

Why the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc

The Middle East is the key to wide-ranging, economic, interlinked integration, and peace by Pepe Escobar January 24, 2020 Under the cascading roar of the 24/7 news cycle cum Twitter eruptions, it’s easy for most of the West, especially the US, to forget the basics about the interaction of Eurasia with its western peninsula, Europe. … Read moreWhy the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc