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Asian century began in May 2020

Region has emerged as an economic zone as closely integrated as the European Union by David P. Goldman – May 21, 2020 Economic historians may date the start of the Asian century to May 2020, when most Asian economies bounced back to full employment… Continue Reading “Asian century began in May 2020”

Trump bets the farm on Huawei equipment ban

US president opts for so-called nuclear option to stop Chinese telecom giant’s rollout of 5G mobile broadband by David Goldman – May 22, 2020 After a failed two-year campaign to stop China’s Huawei Technologies from leading the world’s rollout of 5G mobile broadband, the… Continue Reading “Trump bets the farm on Huawei equipment ban”

South Korea is the pivot in the Huawei wars

Restrictions on semiconductor sales to Chinese companies are ‘unacceptable’ to Seoul by David Goldman South Korea has told Washington that restrictions on semiconductor sales to Huawei and other Chinese companies are “unacceptable,” according to industry sources.  Seoul is trying to mediate between Beijing and… Continue Reading “South Korea is the pivot in the Huawei wars”

Who’s decoupling from whom?

As US reevaluates its relationship with China, Asian giant’s export data show increasing regional integration by David P. Goldman May 11, 2020 China’s March export value rose 8.5% year on year, diverging widely from analyst forecasts which foresaw a 12% decline. Strong exports growth… Continue Reading “Who’s decoupling from whom?”

Anti-Huawei tech bans will hurt US more than China

Joy TanMay 19, 2020 Joy Tan is a Senior Vice President at Huawei Technologies U.S.A For the past year, the U.S. government has sought to disrupt Huawei Technologies’s ability to sell its fifth-generation, or 5G, technology and buy the components needed to produce it. Despite this… Continue Reading “Anti-Huawei tech bans will hurt US more than China”

Dark clouds for barley farmers

Australia’s trade minister says there will be no tit-for-tat as Australian barley exports to China are hit with an 80% tariff 19 May 2020 | Marcus Reubenstein In a process which began over two years ago, China has followed through with plans to place… Continue Reading “Dark clouds for barley farmers”

China-Europe rail freight services buck falling volumes trend

By Sam Whelan 14/05/2020 China-Europe rail freight is bucking the pandemic-wide trend of falling air and ocean volumes, boasting double-digit growth this year. According to China Railway Group, 2,920 trains ran between January and April, carrying 262,000 teu, up 24% year on year. Last… Continue Reading “China-Europe rail freight services buck falling volumes trend”

The case against a US-China ‘divorce’

The blame game on the origins of Covid-19 is fueling the rivalry between the two economic superpowers by Ken Moak March 19, 2020 Covid-19, which originated in China, added fuel to the US-China “big power competition” narrative with increasing numbers of people in the… Continue Reading “The case against a US-China ‘divorce’”

China might well refuse to take our barley, and there would be little we could do

Australia’s surprising call for an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus in China has provoked escalating threats of retaliation by China. China started with a warning that Australia’s position might spark a Chinese consumer boycott. It’s now threatening tariffs on Australian barley that would include a “dumping… Continue Reading “China might well refuse to take our barley, and there would be little we could do”

Russia gas exporters expand south, east and north

With global pricing uncertainties, geopolitics and questions of profitability, Moscow looks in every direction by Giovanni Pigni, February 5, 2020 They are engineering marvels and potential cash cows for the Russian exchequer, but questions of both politics and economic viability hover over the giant… Continue Reading “Russia gas exporters expand south, east and north”