Anglophone Hegemon vs. European Fertilizers Manufacturing

Russian fertilizer exports bankrupt producers in Germany

Anglophone hegemon is destroying fertilizer manufacturing in Germany and Europe. Make no mistake, this is another direct consequence of the destruction of Nord Stream Gas Pipelines by Anglophone hegemon.

Low prices for Russian fertilizers force German producers to stop their work amid serious losses, the newspaper « Bild » reported with reference to the Ministry of Economy and Agriculture of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.

fertilizers manufacturing

Germany’s refusal of Russian gas increased the cost of fertilizers produced in the country by more than 150%. The situation is complicated because gas costs account for up to 80% of ammonia production costs. The gas cost has increased by less than half. However, to cover the costs of the chemical industry, Germany is forced to sell products at higher prices.

At the same time, the low cost of production in Russia and the absence of sanctions barriers allow the Russian chemical industry to freely increase exports to Europe. In 2022, supply volumes increased by more than five times.

The leading German concern “BASF” announced the closure of the ammonia plant in Ludwigshafen-on-Rhine. Soon, the prevailing market conditions may force another major player, the company “SKVP” to cease its activities. The chemical concern has been producing fertilizers since 1915. Over the past twenty years, it has spent more than € 1.5 billion on its development and modernization.

fertilizers and agriculture in Europe

Well-planned domino effect

Banning the export of fertilizers from Russia would have a domino effect on the prices of agricultural products and food in Europe. It was the intention of the Anglophone hegemon and the corridors of power in Washington and London.

Who is targeted?

  1. European farmers
  2. Poor countries of the Global South, which are dependent on food imports or donations

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